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Napier Prison is the oldest penal complex in New Zealand, having opened in 1862. The Prison

finally closed its doors in 1993. However, in 2002 it was bought by the Waaka family, restored to

its present state and used as a backpackers for 8 years. Currently, Napier Prison is open to the public for

guided day tours, daily self­guided audio tours, Dead Hill scare tours and escape room experiences.

The prison has had many former uses besides housing criminals, such as a psychiatric unit, a

lighthouse, a meeting venue for Alcoholics Anonymous and a set for television series.

Napier Prison housed such inmates as Te Koote, Terry Clark, John Yelash, Makoare Te Waata,

Roland Edward, Haira Te Piri, all of which you can hear more about on any of the tours.

Whilst taking a tour you can hear about the different buildings in the grounds of the prison, such as

The Pound, originally housing unstable patients, can you guess the origins of its name? Learn why

the toilets doors had to be shortened, about the graffiti and gang propaganda scrawled in the cells,

the many uses for the Cages originally used for immigrants arriving at the port, why the prisoners

in the Graveyard were buried in a strange position and how in the Hanging Yard the executioner

was often also an inmate of the prison! You can even see the original path of the 1931 Hawkes Bay

earthquake and read all about it.

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Napier Prison Tours - COVID 19 Hi inmates, We have closed to the public and postponed all tours, games, and access to our site for the next fortnight. We feel it is a sensible process to follow for our team and the general public who visit with us. We have registered our isolation with Healthline and encourage any other provider in the tourism and hospitality industry of HB to do the same if they are concerned about the possibility of contamination from COVID-19. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope that you and your families are well and safe at this stage. The Game Master reminds you to wash your hands. Matron has suggested that you also keep your intake of fresh fruit and veges up at this time. Follow our Facebook and web pages for further updates. Kindest regards, The Warden