Napier Prison Tours


Sick’n twisted Dinners

Want your group to be fed, watered and entertained?

Then look no further than our Sick’nTwisted Dinners. Ideal for groups of over 20 people, your slop will be served in the original Mess Hall by the all-seeing prison guard. Matron will be on hand to ensure no unruly food fights break out…

For only $65 per inmate you will get

  • Two course meal (main and dessert)
  • Parlour games, administered by Matron
  • Dead Hill tour

If you wish to consume alcohol on the premises we can arrange a bar on the night. Our Caterers can provide their own license and alcohol which is invoiced separately. There is no BYO on the night and a council permit is required if our caterers are not used. The cost for us to apply for the permit is $100 non-refundable and that is not deducted off any drinks or tour costs. It also takes a few weeks for the liquor license to be processed so that would have to be paid before applying and enough notice would need to be given to ensure that the license is granted.  Please let us know if you are interested or if you have any further questions.

Book now for your staff party or end-of-year function. Your staff won’t forget this outing!


 Typical itinerary of Sick and Twisted Tours with 2 course dinner


1-Scary tour intro (15-20minutes)

2-Main meal /drinks, Parlour games, Dessert (1-2 hours)

-Parlour games


3-Scary tour (45minutes)